Investment opportunities in Private Credit

We provide efficient solutions according to entrepreneurs’ needs, while offering unique opportunities to our investors.

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The one-stop-shop credit solution for businesses

Our services include a one-stop-shop solution for businesses in their private credit operations.


Our mission is to combine the best in credit with technology

Milenio is a Brazilian asset manager focused on the credit market, with more than R$ 3.0 billions under management.

Our purpose is to connect Brazilian investors and businesses in an ecosystem of solid opportunities, with intelligence, control, and security.

Combining credit with technology is what sets us apart and enables us to deliver efficient, innovative, and scalable solutions. This way, we democratize access to credit and drive business

We offer support to businesses through customized solutions across the entire credit cycle. From advancing receivables to venture debt transactions, from supporting businesses in designing credit policies to participating in advisory boards, as well as funding and introducing partners, among others. All this added to a constant search for unique long-term return opportunities for our investors.

The asset manager’s partners have broad expertise in the credit market and in technology. All of them have more than 10 years’ experience. Together, they have already granted more than R$ 10 billion in credit since 2013.

The credit market is changing, and Milenio has a connection with the new age in its name. We are committed to recognizing and encouraging ideas, with a view of the potential in business and its impacts moving forward.

We want to be the beginning, the middle, and the end of the process.

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We believe that intensive use of technology enables building efficient, innovative, and scalable solutions

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We offer businesses a one-stop-shop solution across the entire credit cycle

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Our team is specialized in the credit segment and is always hungry for innovating and building partnerships with our clients

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About Us

We are an asset manager that offers customized credit solutions for businesses, and investments opportunities with differentiated returns for investors.