The commitment to recognize and encourage innovative ideas. The ability to see the potential in business and its impact moving forward. The will to connect the financial market with the reality in today’s world.

We also represent a time when things were simple. When a person’s word was the most precious asset, and relationships were built on respect and trust. When each agreement was a partnership for generating mutual value, every decision was driven by what is right for everybody.

By combining expertise and experimentation, tradition and innovation, this is what sets us apart. Because we are not here to do more of the same, nor enter into a venture without full knowledge of it.

Every digital enterprise is able to offer financial products and services at scale to its clients. We want to raise the bar and provide what is exceptional, always based on the expertise of who understand the market’s challenges and have the will to overcome them.

We are here to connect investors to entrepreneurs within Brazil and abroad with a solid network. Every investment is made with intelligence, care, control and with enthusiasm for finding unique opportunities, building new stories, fostering the technology ecosystem and that of other segments.

This is how we will change the mindset for doing business. We will take our clients to make steps forward, without losing sight of what bought us here.

The transformation of the credit market is only beginning. So is our legacy.

Our Team

Milenio is headed by professionals with more than 10 years’ experience. Together, they have already granted more than R$ 10 billion in credit since 2013.